Zuhair Murad Couture "Casino fever", Spring-summer 2012 Photos : Alfonso Catalano

Inspired by Sharon Stone in Scorcese’s film « Casino », the epitome of luxury, this grand lady lives at night, makes carefully thought-out spectacular apparitions, under glittering spotlights with a dreamlike lifestyle that only begins at 11pm. She is dazzling, a thunderbolt of luxury and strength. Las Vegas, its casinos, its kitsch glam and its sequins, a taste for gilding and a definite opulence are the starting point of a collection that reaches out to the stars. The mermaid silhouette remains a leitmotiv, stretching its volume into a generous godet shape. Halfway between a short cocktail dress and full-length sheaths, certain models have a train, cut in the front, revealing legs, the ultimate fatal weapon. Elements shaped like small wings are placed on the hips or the pockets, anchoring points of a silhouette that celebrates the body’s curvaceous shapes. Cut-outs give the impression of chiseling the neckline, forming flames and creating a plunging breathtaking cleavage. The jacket, with its points tailored like a spencer, a build calculated down to the millimeter, tapered at the waist, with or without sleeves, topstitched lapels with quilting effects, its transparency reveals the small of the back. Gold or patinated ingot, pure white glazing of sequins or the more fragile icing of Chantilly, varnished or satiny black are toned down by a delicate powdery pink, subtle celadon green or glacier blue. Geometric motifs, placed like mirrors on the models in gold, black, white sequins, bring to mind the luxurious interiors created by Jansen in the 70s and 80s. Mirror polished brass, black and white lacquer such as those of an imaginary penthouse in one of the most luxurious palaces of Vegas.